International Projects and Exports

Sourcing, Supply & Management

MacLean International’s projects group utilises its resources across six continents to best serve the global capital projects market. As a highly experienced, international project materials integrator, our key skill sets and added value propositions enable an efficient and cost-effective, packaged supply of LV and MV power, instrumentation and fibre optic cable, cable supports, lighting systems, electrical bulk materials and valves and actuators.

With strong stockholding, driven by multiple international supply agreements, knowledge of local certification, customs regulations and relationships with leading freight forwarders, MacLean International are well-placed to service our clients’ requirements across the globe. Our export capabilities for electrical, valves and industrial and safety products are enhanced by our strategically located distribution centres worldwide, including our DNOW parent network in 15 countries.


Decades of Expertise: Delivering Comprehensive Solutions with Unparalleled Industry Knowledge

With over 45 years in the industry, our experience is vast and spans large-scale global projects. Impartial supply provides you with access to an extensive range of product lines and brands from renowned manufacturers, ensuring technically and commercially sound solutions. Together with specialist teams across the business, we provide in-depth, expert, technical product and industry knowledge, including full data and certification documentation from a dedicated team of controllers.


Project Experience

Over 45 years’ experience of large-scale global projects, offering full material management, logistics and international warehousing capability


Impartial Supply

Access to a vast range of product lines and brands, in addition to established relationships with key, renowned manufacturers, ensuring technically and commercially sound solutions


Specialist Knowledge

Specialist teams across our business divisions with in-depth, expert, technical product and industry knowledge, providing customers with cost-effective solutions



Experienced and dedicated team of controllers to ensure timely provision of appropriate data and certification documentation and paperwork

Streamlined Multi-Package Solutions for Optimized Business Focus

MacLean International can deliver multi-package projects spanning various commodities. Our established and close-working relationships with supply chain partners, combined with highly efficient project management, superior levels of customer service and our ability to source and provide quality products, means we can offer complete project management focus. Through streamlining and consolidating purchasing, document requirements, expediting, invoicing and delivery, MacLean’s ability to provide multi-package projects reduces your administration and resource requirements, enabling you to focus on what is important to your business.

Specialists in Sourcing, Supply and Management

We have a vast product and service range, influenced by and developed specifically for the many industries we serve. Continuous reviews and monitoring of these industries allow us to expand our portfolio to provide the best solutions for our customers. 

MacLean International Projects Group specialise in sourcing, supply and management of:

Electrical Products

  • LV & MV power, instrumentation and fibre optic cable
  • Cable ladder, tray and channel
  • Cable accessories, glands, jointing kits and terminations
  • Stainless steel and GRP hazardous and industrial area junction boxes
  • Stainless steel and GRP hazardous and industrial area control stations and distribution boards
  • Hazardous area, marine and industrial LED and traditional lighting

Valve Products

  • Gate, globe and check valves
  • Quarter-turn valves (ball, butterfly and plug valves)
  • Axial flow valves
  • Modular double block & bleed valves (ball, plug and gate valves)
  • Actuated On/Off/ESD/MOV/BDV valves
  • Choke valves
  • HIPPS packages
  • Control valves (globe, butterfly and V-notch ball valves)

Exports: Leading the Charge in Supply Chain Excellence and Cost-Effective Solutions

MacLean International is in the unique position of being a major category supplier with the added value of offering a full spectrum of supply chain services.

Our core areas cover:

  • Electrical equipment
  • Valves
  • Industrial and safety

Our analysis shows that typically a high percentage of the value and volume of products for onshore / offshore assets are in categories that are core distribution areas of our business, so we can:

  • Reduce your supply chain management costs
  • Further enhance the level of technical support you receive

This support will allow us to:

  • Review your major spend categories with your technical and commercial personnel
  • Develop a program to generate cost reductions by data analysis for duplication of items and standardisation of articles
  • Reduce the number of manufacturers so we can leverage your spend to reduce costs
  • Be involved with your project teams at an early stage to improve delivery efficiency and review maintenance costs by identifying poor-performing product lines

Our abilities as a commercially and technically competent supplier in these categories plays a critical part in reducing customers’ costs in high value / high volume categories.

Adapting to Global Change: Tailored Services for Modern Project Management and Exporting Services

As the global marketplace continues to evolve, so too do the complexities and nuances of managing and exporting projects worldwide. We take great pride in offering a broad range of services, tailored to address these challenges head-on.


Material Management

Full material management and logistics, increasing procurement efficiency for contractor


Certification and Documentation

Experienced document control teams for bespoke client requirements, ensuring client document packages are issued in line with project guidelines


Inspection and Packing

Inspection of material prior to consolidation, packing and shipment. Product appropriate export packing controlled and handled in-house



Proactive expediting and reporting on orders, established relationships with key freight forwarders and region-specific shipping and product documentation


International Warehousing

Full international warehousing capability, offering consolidation of material in strategic global project locations



Established punch out system with access to product spec, imagery, pricing and availability for speed of ordering, reduced admin and invoicing



In-house ATEX workshops with CNC machining providing certified assembly and drilling of stainless steel and GRP junction boxes and control stations from a number of major manufacturers


Technical Support

Technical support to engineering, in-house demo and training facilities and ATEX-certified workshops

International Project Supply

*Red areas cover countries where we have supplied major projects