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Premier Stocking Distributor of Onshore and Offshore Cables with Tailored Project Solutions

MacLean Electrical, a distinguished division of MacLean International and part of the DNOW group, is a leading specialist distributor of onshore and offshore cables. We have strategically located warehouse facilities with an expansive inventory, including dedicated cable cutting and reeling capabilities. Our International Projects Team, formerly known as North Sea Cables and later Noskab, is a highly experienced project materials integrator offering tailored project packages.

MacLean Electrical's onshore and offshore BS, NEK, and IEC standard cable products.

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Take a look at our cable overview below or click our technical library to view product details, specifications and images. And if you don’t see what you need, just call us to discuss! Our technical library also has an enquiry basket that you can fill with the products you are most interested in – just pop the items in the basket, complete the form, and we will send you a quote.

Product Information

Products Offered

  • Offshore Cable Products
    • Compliant with IEC 60092-360, NEK606, IEEE 1580 Type P, BS6883, BS7917. These elastomer insulated Power, Control and Instrument cables are designed for fixed wiring in ships and on mobile and fixed offshore units.
    • Low smoke zero halogen, flame retardant and fire resistant in line with IEC 60332-1-2-3.
  • Onshore Cable Products
    • IEC and British standard onshore cables suitable for LNG, petrochemical, renewable energy, and refinery projects and MRO requirements.
    • Australian standard compliant onshore cables fitting the needs of LNG, petrochemical, renewable energy, and refinery projects and MRO. These cables adhere to AS/NZS 5000. 1. 2 &3 standards for power and multicore control cables, along with instrumentation cables in line with BS EN 50288 and BS EN 50290. Flame Retardant/fire resistant low smoke zero halogen cable variants available.
    • For enhanced durability, opt for our Anti-termite Nylon 12 layer, which ensures protection against degradation.
    • Silicon rubber cables cater to high-temperature applications, including transformers, generators, lighting fixtures, and electronic devices.
    • Our VSD Cables are meticulously designed to guard against high-frequency ground current, reflected voltages, and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Cabling Solutions

  • We have an extensive history of supplying cabling solutions to both offshore and onshore industries. We service these demands by supplying from our vast stock and through bespoke manufacturing for large national and international projects. Our experience in managing and delivering for such projects is unrivalled.
  • Our expertise extends not only to product selection and application but also to reviewing project specifications, certification and documentation requirements specific to each project.
  • Our product knowledge will guide you to the most suitable cable for your requirements.


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A Selection of Supplier and Manufacturer Partnerships

List of partnerships for Europe

  • Prysmian
  • Draka
  • CCI
  • Untel
  • BTC
  • Nexans

List of partnerships for Australia

  • LS Cable
  • Prysmian
  • Keystone Cables
  • Daewon