Valves and Actuators

MacLean Valves is a global distributor of manual and actuated valves. As a DistributionNOW Company, we are one of the largest global suppliers providing a complete valves solution and we service both the maintenance/repair & project markets with high quality valves and engineered actuation packages. Our highly trained service technicians offer full valve support, including bespoke modification conducted at our TVS sites, with the ability to manage both large and complex project orders & smaller fast paced solutions to suit the most demanding schedules.

Our History

MacLean Valves is the trading division for manual and actuated valves solutions. Starting life as Capital Valves in 1979 we have a rich legacy spanning over 40 years and a strong history in Project Supply, offering a comprehensive range of high specification products from industry leading manufacturers. As a DistributionNOW company, we are part of one of the largest global PVF distributors in the world and not only benefit from their extended global reach but also their distribution network and extensive inventory in strategic locations worldwide.
MacLean History Timeline

Our Strengths

  • Global Network – we can support your site construction & field operations from our strategic locations
  • Established Supply Chain – we maintain an extensive and audited supply chain of high quality valves from around the world
  • Comprehensive Stock – strategically located stock when you require valves and actuation to meet time sensitive deadlines
  • One-stop solution – project supply, distribution, actuation, modifications, repair and site services – we offer a comprehensive solution















Double Block
and Bleed












Pressure Seal


Safety Relief


Utilising the DNOW team of experienced engineers and technicians in strategic locations, we can deliver a complete range of services that meet material specifications and performance standards necessary to ensure mechanical integrity.

Engineered Solutions

  • Shutdown Valves (SDV)
  • Emergency Shutdown Valves (ESDV)
  • Blow Down Valves (BDV)
  • Turbine Bypass Valves
  • HIPPS Systems
  • Subsea Valves

Actuation Services

  • Valve & actuator integration
  • Actuator compatibility assessment
  • Valve torque measurement
  • Mounting adaptor design & manufacture
  • Control panel design & manufacture

Technical Support

  • Full engineered support
  • OEM trained engineers
  • Criticality assessment
  • Failure analysis
  • Project management

Valve Testing

  • Pressure Testing
  • NDE
  • PMI
  • Fugitive emission test
  • Cryogenic test

Workshop Repair & Testing

  • OEM trained technicians
  • Strip down & inspection
  • Recommendation for repair/upgrade
  • Pressure testing
  • Machining, welding & modifications

On-site Services

  • Site surveys
  • Routine maintenance
  • Commissioning
  • Leak testing
  • Control valve diagnostics
  • On site testing containers

Project Supply

  • Project management
  • Storage & warehousing
  • Shut-downs
  • Turn-key projects
  • Consolidation of valves packages

Supplier Management

  • Triple impact program
  • Approved AML
  • Audited supply chain
  • QA/QC checkpoints
  • ISO 2859

Valve Auditing & Testing

  • PSV testing
  • Control Valve Diagnostics
  • PMI testing
  • Failure analysis
  • Valve recertification
  • Hydrostatic and leakage testing to 10,000 psi and to multiple testing standards to: API 6D, API 598, API527, ISO5028, FCI70-2 as a sample.

Multi Package Projects

MacLean Valves can deliver multi package projects spanning various product commodities to streamline and consolidate purchasing, document requirements, expediting, invoicing and delivery – all reducing customer administration and resource requirements, enabling you to focus on what is important to your business.

Asset Management - Maximising return on investment for your valve assets

By utilising our OEM trained service personnel we also provide Asset Management Solutions to our end-user customers when plants are up and running. Our Valve Management Software (VMS) manages the site’s installed base of valves and actuators though the life of the plant, optimising inventory.

We help customers manage their valve assets across total life cycle