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MacLean International is a leading specialist stocking distributor and supplier of industrial and hazardous area electrical products, industrial and safety equipment, and valves for the oil and gas, renewable energy, petrochemical, nuclear, marine and distillery industries worldwide. Our tailored solutions, extensive product range and vast inventory, along with the quality of brands and products we distribute, define our strength. We serve industries across the UK, Europe, Australia and globally through our DNOW parent company network.

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Empowering Excellence: Your Trusted Partner for Top-Tier Solutions

Drawing on decades of expertise and unwavering commitment, MacLean International stands as your dependable partner in delivering top-tier solutions to the diverse industries we serve. With an unparalleled product range, exceptional service quality and a global network, we empower businesses with the tools they need to excel. From the oil and gas sector to renewable energy, petrochemical, marine and beyond, our dedication to excellence remains at the forefront. Experience the difference with MacLean International – your gateway to quality products and exceptional service.

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