Lightning Protection International (LPI®)

Comprehensive Direct Strike and Earthing Solutions for Australia

Secure your assets against electrical storms with Lightning Protection International (LPI®), Australia’s trusted manufacturer and supplier of direct strike lightning protection and earthing solutions. LPI's advanced protection systems, including the Guardian System 5 and Stormaster ESE range, are designed for reliability and durability. They also offer a comprehensive earthing product line to ensure safety and service continuity. As an authorized distributor, contact MacLean Electrical for supply of LPI products.

LPI is a wholly Australian-owned and operated company with a focus on quality and innovation in lightning protection.

MacLean Electrical delivers LPI®'s top-notch lightning protection and earthing solutions across Australia, crafted for the safety of personnel and infrastructure under extreme conditions. Discover LPI®'s advanced product line, designed for superior lightning strike defense and effective earthing systems. The broad earthing range includes strong copper bonded steel rods, flexible clamps and extensive grounding meshes, all engineered to form a robust, low impedance earth connection essential for Australian industries.


Explore some of our LPI offerings:

  • Direct strike
    • Conventional lightning protection (air terminals, bases, conductors, fasteners in aluminium and copper)
    • Lightning strike recorder
    • Lightning warning system
    • LPI EPR safety mat
    • LPI Guardian System 5
    • Stormaster
  • Earthing and Bonding
    • Earth enhancing compound
    • Earth rods (solid stainless steel, copper bonded)
    • LPI EPR safety mat
    • Polymer earth pits

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About Lighting Protection International (LPI®)

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Based in Tasmania, LPI stands out as an Australian-owned authority in lightning protection, marked by quality and innovation. With the Australian Made logo since 2014, LPI excels in creating dependable, safety-focused products. Through proactive R&D, global standards involvement, and a suite of advanced direct strike solutions, LPI's dedicated team delivers expert advice and customised systems.