Hawke Transit System

Colour-Coded Cable Transit Systems for Maximum Safety and Efficiency

MacLean Electrical, Australia's premier distributor for Hawke Transit System, offers an extensive selection of cable transit products and accessories. Boasting over 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing for various industries, Hawke Transit System delivers unmatched quality. Their unique fully inspectable cable transit systems feature an innovative colour coding system to streamline installation and enhance safety. Trusted by professionals across Australia, MacLean Electrical provides Hawke's reliable solutions tailored to meet the stringent demands of harsh environments.

Hawke Transit System products ensure the highest level of performance for both cable and pipe sealing.

HTS cable and pipe sealing systems are designed for the demanding conditions of Australia's harsh environments, ensuring structural integrity where cables and pipes penetrate walls, decks or bulkheads. They offer protection against fire, water, gas, smoke, vermin, radiation, chemicals, explosions, UV light, EMC and noise. These systems maintain the safety and functionality of firewalls, bulkheads and decks, effectively shielding lives and assets from a spectrum of hazards.


Explore some of our Hawke Transit System offerings:

  • Marine / Civil Frames & Sleeves
  • Transit Blocks
  • Marine Round Transit Systems
  • Compression Systems 
  • EMC Products
  • Marine Transit Systems
    • Marine frames/sleeves
    • Tolerant Blocks
    • Marine round transits system
    • Marine compression system
    • Accessories and installation tools
  • Civil Transit Systems
    • Civil frames/sleeves
    • Tolerant blocks
    • Civil round transits
    • Civil compression system
    • Duct seal
    • Accessories and installation tools
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
    • EMC frames/sleeves
    • EMC tolerant blocks
    • EMC accessories and tools
  • Cabinet Seals
    • H-HC (frames, blocks, fillers, compression system, accessories and installation tools)
    • H-DM (frames, tolerant blocks, filler blocks, compression system, accessories and installation tools)

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About Hawke Transit System

Securing Boundaries, Ensuring Safety

Established in 2005, HTS is part of the Fernandez Jove Group with facilities in the UK, Spain and China. HTS systems are widely used across the oil and gas, nuclear, shipbuilding, telecoms, defence, rail, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as bank installations, electrical distribution stations and power and water treatment plants. www.hawke-hts.com