Intrinsic Safety Products

Safe Electrical Equipment Operation in Hazardous Zones

MacLean Electrical stands as a testament to top-notch safety and innovation, being a proud division of MacLean International, falling under the DNOW umbrella. We specialise in the distribution of intrinsic safety (IS) products. These meticulously designed products are crafted to limit the current, voltage and overall energy directed to sensors or other actuator instruments. This is paramount in locations classified as hazardous, where the very air carries the potential of explosive atmospheres. Our commitment is to ensure the highest level of safety in such volatile environments.

MacLean Electrical's isolators, signal conditioning devices, I/O systems, and zener barriers and surge protection, designed for harsh environments.

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Product Information


Intrinsic safety products play a pivotal role in the industrial sector, being meticulously designed to guarantee the protection and safe operation of electrical equipment in areas deemed hazardous. Their effectiveness lies in their ability to simplify complex circuits, judiciously limit energy outputs and decisively eliminate any potential for sparks. These sparks could otherwise cause catastrophic ignition, especially in environments dense with flammable gases or combustible dust particles.

Products Offered

  • Isolators
  • Signal conditioning
  • I/O systems
  • Zener barriers & Surge Protection – intrinsically safe products designed for harsh environments 


  • All products are appropriately certified to internationally recognised standards - IEC Ex, ATEX/CENELEC, UL, ULC, CSA, FM, SGS, EAC, INMETRO, Chinese (CQST), CCCF, PTB
  • All products are appropriately certified for use in industrial areas and IEC Zone 0, 1, 2, 21, 22 &, NEC Class I, Class II, Div 1, Div 2, hazardous areas
  • Multiple protection concepts including (Ex e), Explosion Proof (Ex d) and Intrinsic Safety (Ex i)
  • IP65/66/67/68 rated / NEMA 4/4X rated as applicable

A Selection of Supplier and Manufacturer Partnerships

List of partnerships for Europe

  • MTL
  • Pepperl & Fuchs
  • Weidmuller

List of partnerships for Australia