Hazardous Area Communications

Internal and External Communication Tools for Onshore and Offshore Environments

MacLean Electrical, a division of MacLean International and part of the DNOW group, offers a range of hazardous area communication products. These include smartphones, Android tablets, Visor-Ex® smart glasses, alarms and signal and control equipment. These devices are essential for communication and alerts in harsh environments, especially where there's a risk of explosion from flammable atmospheres, both offshore and onshore.

Efficiently Wired for Safety: A Spectrum of Electrical Hazardous Area Communications - MacLean Electrical has you covered.

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Product Information


MacLean Electrical supply a range of products specifically designed for harsh environmental conditions and where there is a risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable atmospheres both offshore and onshore. Used internally or externally, sounders, beacons and speakers emit high-level sound and/or strobe lighting to ensure personnel are aware of alarm activation and take evacuation or follow required emergency procedures. Robust and harsh environment-resistant analogue and VOIP telephones provide vital day to day or emergency communications. Our ECOM range of mobile phones, tablets and the Visor-Ex™ smart glasses provide a simplified way of working in increasingly complex environments and enable connectivity and enhanced mobility in hazardous areas.

Products offered

*Mobile communication products - only available in the UK

Smartphone Smart-Ex 02


The next generation of rugged, intrinsically safe smart phones for hazardous areas, the Smart-Ex® 02 is the world’s first Android Enterprise Recommended smartphone with ATEX/IECEx Zone 1/21, Div.1. Simplifying the way employees work, this communication device enables new levels of integrated visibility and automation.

    • Ultra rugged, 5” multi-touch display
    • Dual sim
    • Screen can be operated with gloves
    • WiFi and Bluetooth enabled connectivity
    • Front and rear cameras
    • User programmable buttons
    • Powerful replaceable battery
    • Extended temperature range (-200C - +600C)

Android Tablet Tab-Ex 03


An intrinsically safe and highly secure tablet, the Tab-Ex® 03 is slim and lightweight with a high performance operating system, Android 13 for superior performance in hazardous areas. The Samsung DeX function transforms the tablet into a full desktop computer. Available with a range of accessories for full flexibility of use.

    • optimal readability even in direct sunlight
    • Multi touch display can be operated with gloves or S Pen
    • High data and device security
    • Front and rear cameras
    • USB C charging
    • LTE & WIFI or WIFI only models available
    • Side accessible SIM and SD Card slots **SIM slot applies to LTE model
    • Programmable key (for emergency calls)
    • Powerful battery with 11 hrs runtime
    • Extended temperature range (-200C - +550C)
    • WiFi and Bluetooth enabled connectivity

Smart Glasses , Visor-Ex® 01


An intrinsically safe and lightweight way to connect anytime to remote expert support for audiovisual interaction, with access to documentation, all whilst completely hands free. Not only does this technology provide cost savings by eliminating the need for travel but also provides faster response times and significantly improves the speed of maintenance and repair work and decreasing downtime.

    • Two central 16MP cameras
    • Torch LED
    • Notification LED
    • Touch pad
    • Clip for easy attachment and removal
    • 6 x optical zoom lens
    • Audio unit
    • Application specific / Smart-ex02 required

Also available

  • Sounders
  • Beacons
  • Speakers
  • Telephones
  • Manual alarm call points


  • All products are appropriately certified to internationally recognised standards - IEC Ex, ATEX/CENELEC, UL, ULC, CSA, FM, SGS, EAC, INMETRO, Chinese (CQST), CCCF, PTB
  • All products are appropriately certified for use in industrial areas and IEC Zone 0, 1, 2, 21, 22 &, NEC Class I, Class II, Div 1, Div 2, hazardous areas
  • Multiple protection concepts including (Ex e), Explosion Proof (Ex d) and Intrinsic Safety (Ex i)
  • IP65/66/67/68 or NEMA 4/4X rated as applicable

A selection of supplier and manufacturer partnerships

List of partnerships for Europe

  • MEDC
  • E2S
  • ECOM (Pepperl+Fuchs)
  • DNH
  • Federal Signal
  • FHF

List of partnerships for Australia

  • MEDC
  • E2S
  • FHF
  • FHF
  • DNH
  • Clifford & Snell