With over 40 years supply chain experience, we are an integral part of your supply chain. We deliver superior, cost-effective solutions to customers from our bases throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and from our DistributionNOW parent company network in over 300 locations around the globe.

An International Projects Division complements our distribution business to supply and manage large-scale capital projects around the world. Enhancing the supply chain, MacLean Electrical is the vital connection for your business.

Why Engage with Us?

We develop supply chain solutions for our customers. Leveraging our vast experience, knowledgeable team, extensive supplier relationships, impressive global network of distribution centres and logistics we can offer efficiency, cost savings and reduced administration, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our extensive global network means we are positioned to continually stay abreast of the latest technologies and safety standards to widen our product and service offering. As a company founded on long-term relationships with manufacturers and staff, we work together to support the markets we serve. Our established partnerships with world leading manufacturers allows us to pass benefits on to customers and retain long-term contracts and distribution agreements. Combined with our dedicated, experienced teams offering extensive industry and product knowledge, technical and logistical support, we consistently work towards exceeding customer expectation, each and every time.

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Global Certification

Our expertise doesn’t stop there. Our extensive global network means we are ideally positioned to continually stay abreast of new technologies and related safety standards to widen our product and service offering and ensure our customers receive the very latest product developments to meet their criteria of specification, compliance and performance.


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MacLean Electrical has an impressive history of supplying hazardous area electrical and cabling solutions to the oil and gas and petrochemical industries around the world. We fully understand the importance of offering products that withstand the rigors of the industry, and we always meet or exceed the industry’s stringent standards for design, quality, reliability and safety. All of this while ensuring products are delivered correctly, on time and within budget.

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We have extensive experience of supplying hazardous area electrical products to LNG, oil carriers, FPSO and sea-going vessels, so we understand the corrosive environment of the marine industry. Our network of world leading manufacturers allows us to identify and match industry applications with the most appropriate products to withstand corrosive, high vibration, marine, salt water, steam, oil, solvents and chemical conditions.

From mineral processing plants and underground mining operations to metal smelting and refining, MacLean Electrical has decades of experience delivering equipment that withstands the rigors of corrosive and dust-intensive environments. As part of our Supplier Quality Program, our manufacturers are subject to ongoing assessments and audits to remain on our approved manufacturers list (AML) – giving customers the confidence that the products we supply are of the best quality and specification to stand up to the job within this industry.

We supply many of the major UK gas networks and operators. In a service critical industry we have the resources and product availability to ensure our response meets quick off-the-shelf turnaround and delivery requirements. We are a UVDB registered company, so you can be assured of the highest standards in the supply chain. Rigorous pre-qualification means that customer procurement decisions can be backed by detailed, up-to-date and relevant information about us as a supplier.

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