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Leading the Way in Oil and Gas Industry Automation

Established in 2009, TS&M Supply's Automation Department has been at the forefront of transforming the oil and gas industry in Southeast Saskatchewan and Southwest Manitoba. Our focus is on utilizing cutting-edge technology to maintain optimum performance of motor-driven pumps and pumping systems, ensuring maximum profitability.

Maximizing Efficiency in Oil & Gas: TS&M Supply's Advanced Automation Solutions

Automation Products: Efficiency and Reliability Combined

Variable Speed Drives (VSD):

  • Function: Regulates motor speed to optimize energy use
  • Benefits: Reduces wear and tear, lowers energy usage, and decreases failure frequency
  • Applications: Adaptable for varying well conditions and inflow rates

Pump Off Controllers (POC):

  • Feature: Stand-alone controllers for precise surface equipment movement
  • Advantage: Enhances control over equipment, minimizing unnecessary strain

Manual Speed Adjustment VSDs:

  • Use: Allows manual regulation of motor speed
  • Impact: Mitigates the need for costly sheave changes and reduces downtime
TS&M Supply's Automation Department with technicians optimizing oil and gas pumps using VSDs and POCs for better performance.
TS&M Supply's tech setup features VSDs and POCs to regulate motor speeds in oil and gas, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing wear.

SCADA Systems: Centralized Control and Monitoring

TS&M Supply offers a state-of-the-art Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system on all products. This integration brings VSD data and auxiliary measurement devices to a single, accessible point, available 24/7 globally. Our use of specialty products, such as solar power and wireless connectivity, minimizes the need for on-site services, significantly reducing operational costs.

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