Sourcing & Procurement

We combine extensive knowledge, hands-on industry experience and a global presence to bring you unrivaled sourcing and procurement solutions so that your operation never has to slow down. We're committed to making sure your supply chain performs at the level your company expects.

DNOW is not just about products. Through our size, our scope and the breadth of markets we serve, customers look to us for supply chain solutions that accelerate the growth of their businesses. Because when demand is high, it's your supply chain that make or break your promise to customers.

Our Category Management group is composed of product specialists, directors, and buyers who are responsible for developing and maintaining the invaluable relationships we have with our manufacturers and suppliers, both domestic and global.

We regularly seek new suppliers that meet our quality standards, so you always have great options to choose from. Once those manufacturers are identified, we begin the process of bringing them on-board through our stringent qualification process and supplier management program. After they have made it through our qualification process, they are added to our approved manufacturers list. Once on the list, our customers have access to their respective inventories.

What you can expect from DNOW's Sourcing and Procurement Solutions

  • Streamlined supply chain management
  • Reduced procurement and logistics costs
  • Unrivaled access to top manufacturers in their fields
  • Guaranteed quality for all products and services
  • Improved operational productivity

DNOW optimizes your inventory to synch with your operations, work orders and maintenance schedules. We make sure you always have the assets you need while eliminating excess, so you can lower inventory costs and raise productivity.

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DNOW helps keep your equipment up and running with a full range of machine tool solutions. We can help implement optimal maintenance programs to maximize uptime and extend tool life. Plus we can streamline processes for better efficiency.

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DNOW’s core business is the sourcing and procurement of quality products. We can help you with BOM development, requisitions, bidding, expediting, kitting and all documentation. You get the products you need while lowering logistics costs.

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