Inventory Management

When drilling and producing oil and gas wells, it's vital to have the product you need available to get the job done. DistributionNOW Supply Chain Services creates strategic partnerships with producers to do just that. As a producer, there are a million different things that are going on every day. 

Specialized Inventory Management Solutions

From initial request through final item disposition, DNOW provides a comprehensive selection of effective inventory management solutions. Our specialists are committed to ensuring you have the right material where and when you need it.

  • Onsite Third Party Consigned Inventory - DNOW works with you in both production or maintenance mode, providing inventories closer to your point of need as well as remote stocking locations.
  • Dedicated Support Inventory - DNOW offers our own dedicated inventory based on your specific requirements. We invest the resources to help you reduce capital invested in inventory.
  • Client Owned Inventory - DNOW manages customer owned inventories as part of our onsite warehouse solution, We provide the tech, systems and people to take care of your assets.