Carbon Steel Fittings

DistributionNOW has a large stock inventory of carbon steel fittings from manufacturers that are thoroughly audited and approved through our ISO 9001 certified quality program.

Carbon Steel Fittings

Products Offered

We stock and sell a full range of CS fittings for almost any application.

  • Standard & High Yield Butt Weld Fittings
  • Forged Steel Fittings
  • Branch Connections (WOL, SOL, TOL, NOL, etc.)
  • Nipples & Swages
  • Bull Plugs


Standards / Material Grades ASTM A/SA-106, A/SA-234 WPB, A/SA-105
Sizes ¼ in. NPS – 24 in. NPS (larger sizes by request)
Schedules Class 2000, Class 3000, Class 6000, Class 9000, STD, XH, XXH, true schedules, special walls

Our Suppliers

  • Anvil International
  • Awaji Materia (Thailand)
  • Bonney Forge
  • Capitol Manufacturing
  • CapProducts
  • Erne Fittings
  • Gulf Manufacturing
  • Hackney Ladish
  • Industria Meccanica Ligure (IML)
  • Mills Iron Works
  • Phoenix Forging Company
  • Tectubi Raccordi
  • Tenaris
  • Tube Forgings of America (TFA)
  • Weldbend
  • Westbrook
  • WFI International