Pexgol PE-Xa Fittings

DistributionNOW offers a variety of high-quality fittings for Pexgol cross-linked polyethylene line pipe to enable easy and quick installations. These piping solutions are incredibly resilient to corrosive and abrasive applications, such as those found in the oil & gas and mining industries.

Products Offered

A variety of Pexgol fittings are available to match your specific needs,
including tie-in to existing steel piping.

  • Prefabricated elbows
  • Flanged couplers
  • Electrofusion fittings
  • PE-X lined steel fittings
  • Flared end connectors (stub ends)


Materials Cross-linked high-density polyethylene (HDPE), galvanized cast iron, brass
Sizes 2 in. (63 mm) to 18 in. (450 mm) and up to 28 in. (710 mm) length elbows
Pressure Rating Up to 197.9 psig, depending upon temperature
Temperature Rating -58° F (-50° C) to 230° F (110° C)


Pexgol Flanged Coupler Flyerfile download
Pexgol Reinforced Electrofusion Coupler Flyerfile download

Our Pexgol PE-Xa Fitting Suppliers

Golan Plastic Products (Pexgol)